TennisRanking is now closed

I received tuesday a message from lawyers working for the AFT "asking" me to close the website. The saddest part is this happened without the AFT having the respect to contact me first...

I begin by thanking every one of you, players, for your support and suggestions during the website development. The current website was the result of 100+ hours of development and maintenance in my free time. Special thanks to the 5 people who chose to make a donation, this helped paying for the website server a lot (even though TennisRanking currently cost me money despite your generous donations). As the website is not allowed to continue, I am ready to refund those donations to you if you would want to. In any case, know that I have other plans for that would not have anything to do with the AFT.

But why must the website be closed?

The AFT apparently chose to take TennisRanking (and its concurrents) responsible for their own technical problems... technical problems that we, as players, are experiencing since forever, long before TennisRanking even existed. I however does not have the will to fight against lawyers during the rest of my free time. This is even more sad knowing I have been in contact with the AFT offering my help for months. They first offered to meet me... then ignored me once I gave my disponibilities. I then contacted them to let them know I was creating TennisRanking and they chose to let me do the work they should be doing... for finally taking it down now.

Let's be clear, the real reason this happened is because the AFT is too proud to accept any external help and because they do not wish the players to know too much that the new system does not currently work. This is even more sad when I, personnaly, found it promising even though huge adjustements are needed to make it work (I still have to find one person which finds that the amount of points gained when losing all matches in interclubs in comparison to winning a tournament is acceptable). I would have liked coming with suggestions for those adjustements, but I apparently was too confident in the AFT listening to players needs.

But I visited TennisRanking everyday!

Thank you!
I indeed had more than a thousand visitors every day for a total of 200.000+ viewed pages per month! The only possibility for TennisRanking to continue is someone making the AFT change its mind... but I apparently do not have this power by myself...

If you would like to contact me, this is still possible through the contact form or the facebook page.

Let's enjoy the rest of the season and hopefully receive a rank adapted to our performance for next year!

Have a nice day,